As Marine Mental Management,

Denizci ve psikologlardan oluşan ekibimizle, denizcilik sektöründe çalışanların işe alım süreçlerinde personelin değerlendirilmesi, şirket bünyesindeki personelin ihtiyaçlarının analiz edilebilmesi ve muhtemel bir psikolojik zorluk yaşanması halinde en erken şekilde farkına varıp psikolojik destek sağlanabilmesi adına psikolojik değerlendirmeler yapmaktayız.

As a result of these evaluations, we provide trainings in accordance with the duties of the employees and on the needed subjects.

At the same time, we support the psychological well-being of the land and sea personnel within the company by providing psychotherapy services with our expert psychotherapists, who know the seafarers and are familiar with the conditions of the sector.



Our Services

Our team of sailors and psychologists has worked with many land personnel, sailors and academics working in this field in order to determine the need in the maritime sector in the most accurate way. As a result of these studies, the needs of individuals working in the maritime sector were determined and solutions were produced by making use of the literature of the discipline of psychology.

Our services are divided into three steps.


Psychological test applications are carried out in order to select the human resources to work in the maritime field with scientific methods and to monitor the psychological well-being of the individuals working in the sector. 


In order to effectively cope with the physical and psychological stress factors specific to the maritime field, various training services are provided in line with the needs analysis.


Psychotherapy services are provided to support and treat seafarers, land personnel and their relatives in overcoming the psychological difficulties they experience as a result of the situations they are exposed to.